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"All top competition sailplane pilots I know spend the maximum amount of time possible with their heads up looking out the canopy rather than the instrument panel. Information gained from observing other sailplanes, birds, cloud formations, wisp, etc., not to mention power lines on off field landings can make you not only go fast but also possibly save your life. Because of this a distortion-free, clean canopy is of utmost importance in both sailplane competition and sport flying. To maintain a clean canopy on the ground as well as protect it while trailering is valuable.  I have relied on Ridge Sewing's custom fit canopy covers for years. The workmanship is outstanding and the fit perfect for all sailplane models I have owned. The cover I like best is the lightweight cotton cover because it not only provides protection but can also be washed and kept dust-free for insuring that no scratches work into the canopy while trailering. Since I don't normally leave the sailplane outdoors in weather, the lightweight cover works just fine for me. Ridge Sewing has also on occasion provided me with custom repair service. In my book Ridge Sewing is "top shelf" and we as sailplane pilots are lucky that Iris Striedieck provides this service at a fair price."

Dick Butler, “DB”, Tennessee


"This is the best canopy cover I've ever had. The fit is perfect and the craftsmanship is excellent. I also love the custom embroidery job. Thank you!"

Chris Ungermann, "D", Delaware

chris flying in rockies

Greetings from Germany ~

"The canopy cover I received from you was during the WGC 1999 at Bayreuth, Germany. It is in use since then and protects the canopy well from dust, because of its relatively thick cotton weave together with its custom fit. Tilly, my wife and crew, washed it several times at 60 centigrade and put it into the dryer. No shrinkage, no change of fit, no discoloration.

When the cover was mislaid somewhere at the airfield it was always returned because you stitched my competition number "VW" onto it.
Many thanks!"

Gerhard Waibel, "VW", Germany
Retired head engineer with Schleicher


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